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SEAI Grants for Home Insulation: how much they’re worth and what they’re for.

Home insulation grants from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) are not actually called “cosy grants” – but they could be! The SEAI will provide grant funding for home owners (including landlords) to upgrade the insulation in their pre-2006 built homes.

SEAI home insulation grants are available for: attic insulation, cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation (dry-lining) and external wall insulation (“wrap”).

The most important things to know about the grant scheme are:

  1. The grant funding is not means tested or income related. It is dependent on the type of insulation work you are doing.
  2. Cavity wall insulation and attic insulation are the most common type of insulation methods and they are the most cost effective.
  3. Leitrim Warmer Homes can process the SEAI grant application for you, taking the hassle out of completing the paperwork! Your grant application will be processed alongside the work being planned and completed, reducing your final bill.
  4. When Leitrim Warmer Homes process your SEAI grant application, we may be able to avail of additional energy credits on your behalf which can further reduce the cost of your insulation work.
  5. Leitrim Warmer Homes are a registered SEAI contractor servicing communities throughout Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Cavan and Roscommon.
  6. The grant is awarded at a set amount and not as a percentage of the works done.
  7. A small technical survey is required to assess your property for the best type of insulation measures in your home.
  8. Your house must have been built and occupied before 2006 in order to apply for the grant funding.

The SEAI will provide the following grant values off the work:

  1. Attic Insulation: €400
  2. Cavity Wall Insulation: €400
  3. Internal Wall Insulation: ranging from €1,600 for an apartment/mid-terrace house to €2,400 for a detached house.
  4. External Wall Insulation:  ranging from €2,750 for an apartment/mid-terrace house to €6,000 for a detached house.
  5. Having a BER (Building Energy Rating)assessment completed is a requirement of the grant funding but there is also a SEAI grant of €50 towards the cost of the BER assessment.

Installing and upgrading insulation work will lower the u-value of your property and make it more energy efficient. This will be reflected in your BER certificate.

In order to avail of the grant funding, the work must be completed by a registered SEAI contractor such as Leitrim Warmer Homes. We are a local, trusted company and as a registered contractor, our work is continually audited and inspected so you can be assured of the highest quality workmanship.

Please call us on 071 9640771 or email us at info@leitrimwarmerhomes.ie if you would like to discuss any insulation works or upgrades.

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