What are the advantages of Cavity Wall Insulation?

Having a decent insulation arrangement is something that is regularly ignored by mortgage holders, with many apparently neglecting the additional reserve funds and related advantages that having a full space and divider insulation framework can accommodate them. Masses of warmth is lost through the dividers and lofts of homes each year, because of their poor insulation qualities, and this is something that truly needs to change.

Cavity wall insulation is most valuable for homes that were built after the 1930’s. Homes built before this era were generally stoned wall homes, which themselves had rather poor insulation qualities. For such properties, arrangements like outer wall insulation and interior wall insulation exist. However cavity wall insulation is required for homes with an outer and inner wall and cavity between.

 Measurements demonstrate that roughly 45% of the warmth lost in a home escapes through the walls of the property, a number that can be enormously decreased with the usage of good cavity wall insulation.


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Keeping Well and Warm

Food helps to keep you warm

  • Eat at least one hot meal a day
  • Have plenty of hot drinks throughout the day and one before bedtime
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables everyday
  • Keep a supply of basic food for the days when you cannot get to the shops or do not feel like cooking
  • When making dinner, cook some extra food which you can freeze for another meal
  • Tinned or frozen foods and packets of soup are healthy options to keep in stock