Just some reasons to insulate

• Cost can be a huge deterrent but help is available if you qualify. There are Government Grants to help you upgrade your homes energy rating, reducing your renovation costs. Visit the Better Energy Homes Scheme TODAY

• Helping the Environment …..Insulating the home helps reduce the amount of Carbon Emissions released into the atmosphere, helping the fight against Global Warming!

• HEAT! ……Installing insulation to your walls and attic contains the heat in your home enormously. If you’re a cold creature and notice the heat leave your rooms as soon as the heating goes off, you need insulation.

• It’s good for your health…. Do you have damp and mould walls? Do you notice your health is affected? Have you suddenly developed sniffy noses, coughing, chest and lung problems etc? Your walls may contain damp, outdated insulation materials that NEED to be extracted. Replace with modern insulation material from Leitrim Warmer Homes to prevent mould and protect your health.

• Save Money on Bills…… When you install Insulation, you will save on heat and bills in the long run. You can save up to 60% if you have your walls and attic insulated. With insulation, you need to use less heating and it last longer in the home. It definitely makes a lot of difference in the end as a warmer home is normally a happy home.




Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme

As housing continues to pose one of the greatest energy efficiency challenges in Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) have created the Deep Retrofit Pilot programme to tackle this challenge.

The new SEAI grant aims to investigate the challenges and opportunities of deep retrofit, with the initial focus on the Irish housing stock built prior to 2010. SEAI estimates that a sum of over €35 billion will be required over 35 years to make the existing housing stock low carbon by 2050.

At Leitrim Warmer Homes, it allows us to ensure multi measures are being carried out on a dwelling and allows us to carry these out effectively.

The Deep Retrofit Grant aims to prevent single measures being carried out on a home which can result in overspending on the home owner’s behalf.

For example, if a home owner were to have a single measure such as a boiler replacement carried out, without addressing the need for insulation in the home, the home owner won’t see the benefit of money spent due to the heat loss occurring because of the lack of insulation.

The Deep Retrofit programme allows us to project manage from start to finish, ensuring the home energy project is completed in full as a whole and ensures a minimum of an A3 BER (Building Energy Rating Certificate)

The whole idea is to tackle underperforming Irish homes, which means if a household spends more than 10% of its disposable income on energy costs, its considered energy poor/underperforming. Carrying out these measures effectively ensures health; comfort and wellbeing are considered along with energy consumption and performance.

Leitrim Warmer Homes have a counterparty status with SEAI which enables them to process grant applications on behalf of homeowners. For more information on the Deep Retrofit grant, contact Leitrim Warmer Homes on